Even though I really hate cats.
My name is Kelly, and I am a highstrung, neurotic freak of a blonde. I hate it when people are fake, or if they betray you're trust. It's stupid and petty. Umm..I love One Direction and Candice Accola. Dianna Agron is pretty legit too. UHHHH....KPOP is okay. Paramore is God. Idk what else to put.

A cat peed on my phone. I have been attacked by three cats. A cat scratched my cheek to wake me up. Tell me I do not have a reason to hate the demonic things.
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Favorite Ricardo Hoyos tweets

once in a while i poof here, look at the dash, and realize what a good idea it was to make a second account


“Where is my hair curler, Caroline?”

“I didn’t touch it.”

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A wild Kel appeared to find that most of her friends blogs are hipster blogs.



Azula is my flirting spirit animal.

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you keep me under your spell


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I am pretty sure I legitimately hate Lana Del Rey.